Curiouser and curiouser! (Blogmas day…10!)

First of all…arggghh! I missed my post yesterday! Nightmare. I did next to nothing yesterday. I’m stuck with a particularly nasty head cold that’s left me useless. So bad I’m actually not working tonight like I should be. Like I said, nightmare.

However I did work on Sunday and I’ve uploaded some photos from behind the scenes of Wootton Town Players Alice in Wonderland Pantomime. I did the makeup for the March Hare (which didn’t work as well as it did on chart – need to get some face paint instead of using dark foundations), White Rabbit, The Dame (Who is Alice’s mother called ‘Mabel’) and the King of Hearts. The King was my favourite to do actually. I thought originally I was doing Queen of Hearts, and I have an amazing chart for her, but I’m not and they’ve chosen to go with a Tim Burton’s Alice look, same with the Hatter, which is a shame, I’d love to get my hands on those characters. I’d also like to have done the cat, who in this panto is the Essex Cat instead of Cheshire. Which cracked me up as she did the accent perfectly. But she only did nose and whiskers so I would have loved to have done a super glam cat. But whatever trevor, I really enjoyed what I did. Devastated to not be working, but I’m on about 3 days with hardly any sleep, throbbing head, choking and coughing, it’s not cool. No one wants that in their face!!


Here’s a selection of backstage working shots. I’ll have more throughout the week. Thank you to my lovely Matt for tagging along and following me around with a camera!

DSCF0814 DSCF0815 DSCF0820 DSCF0823 DSCF0827 DSCF0830 DSCF0834 DSCF0843 DSCF0849 DSCF0853 DSCF0855 DSCF0864 DSCF0869 DSCF0871 DSCF0875 DSCF0880


I know, I know. The White Rabbit’s whiskers went TOTALLY wrong. My hands were shaking like crazy for some reason and everytime I tried it fix it went totally wrong. And March Hare was a bit of a Monet – looked good from far away but up close a bit of a mess. Haha. However haters gonna hate, I loved King of Hearts.

So yeah, not perfect, but not bad. I know where I went wrong. And when I’m back to work later in the week I can correct my mistakes.

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