The Countdown *Really* Begins…

As Matt and I watched the clock tick down on BBC1 last night, it hitting midnight like it so often does, we had the traditional New Year’s smooch before at the same time exclaiming “we’re getting married this year!”

And now in the cold light of day, it’s hit home. We’re getting married this year. And as bestie so kindly pointed out, it’s actually 10 weeks(ish) away. Which is exciting and terrifying. The real countdown has officially begun. My dress is ordered as of yesterday, though I’m already panicking about it fitting. Suppose that’s the trade off of ordering online for a bargain instead of going to a shop for a good fit. However as of next week (once we get all the season’s goodies out of here!) going to really crack on with being healthy, and building up my stamina as I have a week in Disneyland for the honeymoon to contend with.

Another thing is money. Everything costs a lot of it. So I need to make sure I am frugal for the next 10 weeks to ensure I’m saving properly. (Need to get used to it, as soon as this is over need to save for IMATS!)

If any of you follow me on Twitter (@BethanyWellsMUA) or Facebook, can you help keep me on track? It’ll all massively help.

Expect quite a few wedding posts for the next 10 weeks. Well, I did say I wanted to add more lifestyle in.

Hope all of you had a brilliant NYE last night. I had a quiet one in my happy bubble with Matt and our cats, stuffing our face with copious amounts of cheese and biscuits, and Matt despairing at his PS4 because it’s refusing to install FIFA 14. Lol!

3 thoughts on “The Countdown *Really* Begins…

  1. Wouldn’t be a bestie if I didn’t know how to royally freak you out, now would I? :p

    We can keep each other on the straight and narrow re funds though. Gotta start paying for my course in Feb :S

    • It’s one of your many jobs, I feel. Hehe

      Yes definitely. We can kick each other up the arse if needed to make sure we don’t over spend!! :)

      • Lol and then calming you down afterwards haha :) and vice versa with you and me.

        And on the healthy eating front. Am trying to do a few more low carb and healthy eating foods as well as trying out a few gluten free bits in the new year. :)

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