Defying Gravity

And…I’m back! :) Who missed me?

So as I explained, I had a ridiculously busy twelve days where I had to work solid. They didn’t exactly give me a lot of time to complete a very large project. So I didn’t even have time to schedule some posts!

What did I have to do? Well, I had to write an essay on Wicked, minimum 1000 words. It was a synopsis, plus details of the makeup, hair and styling in the show. Of course once I started blabbing on about Wicked it was hard to stop. Ended up three pages long, plus a page for referencing. I had to create a face chart and hair chart based on one character, as well as an A3 moodboard to go with it. No prizes for guessing who I picked. ;) Then was the really hard stuff. I had to create a hair accessory and a pair of fantasy eyelashes. Omg. So I attacked Hobbycraft and eBay with a vengeance, as well as picking up more makeup in various shades of green. And from then – I worked. And worked. And worked some more. I only really stopped twice. Once on the Saturday just gone to work on a short film and on the Sunday to go see mum and dad. It was long. But ultimately satisfying. I like seeing a bunch of materials, or a blank chart and a selection of makeup, and it become something amazing.

Yesterday was the big day. Matt took me down to London so I didn’t have train panic on top of everything else. Seemed pretty easy to get to. West Thames, as the name may suggest, isn’t in Central. It’s in Isleworth (sp?) which is near-ish to Heathrow. I was so nervous. I’d put my whole heart and soul into the project. Not to mention the pressure. I’d heard such great things about West Thames’ makeup courses. I know of a few artists who have gone there and gone to greatness. So of course I was even more nervous. When I arrived, there were quite a few people waiting. Though half of them left to do IT interviews. The remaining girls waited a bit longer before we were taken to the makeup studios. Finally came to my interview. Deep breath.

First of all, this was the first time they noticed my age. I’m 26. And that was when they went “oh…you’re too old for the BTEC.” At first my heart sunk, until she said there was the VTCT, which was one year instead of two and aimed at the older, more experienced student. Oh that’s okay then. So we talked for a bit and I relaxed. Able to talk about my passion for makeup and my love of Wicked. She laughed when I said I’d seen it five times. She took my project and started to look through it, choosing to look at the made stuff first. My hair piece, a fascinator based on ‘No One Mourns The Wicked’, she said was incredible. She liked the fact I’d sewn in a clip, so it was completely wearable. My lashes, based on both the poster and ‘For Good’, she absolutely loved. (A lot of credit goes to my mum here – I hit a brick wall of frustration with the lashes and she talked me through some ideas, was honest when my attempts sucked and helped me make them better – all via text!) The tutor then took my essay, and only gave it a quick once over and also looked at other paperwork I brought in – business card and letter head, CV, call sheets etcetera. Next was the sketchbook where the rest of my work was. The mood board was great, and the makeup was outstanding, as was the hair. (Her words, not mine.) Once the teacher was done looking at the project, she told me how I had ‘exceptional natural talent’, and my work was ‘incredible’.

I was offered a place on the spot. :)

Very exciting times! Not starting until September, and will find out all the details later in a letter. But yay! So excited and happy. On the way to being qualified! Which will open up a whole host of new doors of opportunity! Very good stuff. Until then – work hard, continue to build portfolio and experience. Get some testing done, get some assisting done. As much under my belt as I can. Also hoping to get some ‘mini’ classes done.

Enough with the words. Let’s have some pictures. I need to apologise – some of the quality on these are terrible. My good camera is still not co-operating with my laptop. My iPhone takes good pictures, but the lighting wasn’t always the best. So bear with some of these.

IMG_4106 IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4149 IMG_4151 IMG_4161


For the lashes and fascinator, I have a lot of ‘making of’ pictures, so if anyone wants to see how they were made, or if any of my friends who run more craft-centric blogs want a guest post, do let me know.

So other than that, not much happened in the few days away from the blog. Oh, I went back to pink hair so I feel like me again.

Have lots of blog posts in my head to crack on with. New schedules, some products to review, topics to write about. It’s all very exciting. :)

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