Review: Messie Mats

I love Twitter. I discover all sorts of amazing things on Twitter, including today’s reviewed product – Messie Mats!

A few weeks back I was followed by the company in question and I started to look at their product. What is a Messie Mat? A time and lifesaver for any artist or makeup enthusiast.



The red and white polka dot matt under my brush roll is the Messie Mat in design – Minnie.

I’m enthusiastic when working, and can sometimes get makeup everywhere. I usually (though have forgotten it a few times) have a towel under my work station to prevent messing up the surface I am working on. Then it becomes another thing to remember, and I’m a scatterbrain. Wash my brushes, reorganise (I have a bad habit of just putting things away anywhere after a shoot is done as I’m usually shattered) my kit, put the towel into wash, etc etc. (Hey, MUA Life isn’t just ‘yayyyy glitter’…though sometimes it is for me. Hehe!) So when I saw Messie Mats as a thing, I was interested.

It’s a vinyl type material which is water resistant, as well as any other type of spillages. I have a delightful habit of knocking over pigment pots, so if it happened on the mat it’d be a damn sight easier to clean. Just tip and pour! Because of the material, they wipe clean, so a quick wipe down, fold it back up and chuck it in the kit and you’re good to go! Saves time and effort when there’s about a hundred other things to do. It’s also lightweight! Which again, makes me a happy bunny. My kit weighs a tonne already. I don’t need anything else weighing it down!


It comes in 7 designs. I have the Minnie, because yay Disney. There’s also a leopard print, and a few different pretty floral patterns. You don’t need to be a travelling artist to use it, leave it on your dressing table. It will make any workspace cute, tidy and easily cleaned.

I realise this review sounds like I work for them or something, but I don’t. I didn’t even get it as a PR sample (disclaimer at end of post). I just am genuinely in love with this product and it will continue to make my job that little bit easier so I can focus on other things.

You can purchase a Messie Mat at, and I also recommend you follow them on Twitter, @messiemats, as the person running it is a very nice person. They’re £15, and whether your an artist, beautician, or just love your makeup, I cannot recommend this enough.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned, I did not receive this as a PR sample. I did get a small discount in exchange for an honest review which I have given. However it was paid for with my own money and I did not receive anything for this review.

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